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Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - U.N. Owen Was Her?


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The tab
source (youtube video)

Please reply if you think I'm missing something important, or know what to do with the first 15 seconds :P

I have the 0:00-0:15 tabs,

Lord Jebe

The Stylophonist

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I have the 0:00-0:15 tabs, but the downside is, its for stylophone. I can try to find out what the first 15 seconds would look on a sheet, or can you turn the raw notes into a tab?

I have the complete song tabbed

Spoony Bard

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I found the complete song in power tab score format (i don't remember where, but i think it was at a youtube vid...sorry)

If you want i can upload them and send you the link, it's a pretty good version of the song (which i still can't play -_-' it's difficult)

I'm new here, so i'm sorry if i wrote something wrong (My english is not so good too...)

I am too lazy to look at the


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I am too lazy to look at the tab but here is some piano sheet music to help you in your journey