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Tuning by ear/other guitar milstones


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Joined: Jun 01 2008

I managed to tune a guitar by ear for the first time yesterday. A small achievement, but one I'm happy to have done. Feels like I've hit a milestone in guitar application.

And that brought this to mind:
What are some of the important (or maybe just some small) things that you guys have done that stood out as a "wow, I'm getting better" moment to you?

Re: Tuning by ear/other guitar milstones


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My most biggest milestone? That'd be finally being to play all major chords, like A, Dmol, G7 and so on...
After learning them, I could say of myself that I can play the guitar.

It took some time, and I didn't notice at first that I was getting better, but when I'm looking back...I had that "wow, I'm getting better" moment, too!


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lol funny, because I too, just last night, tuned by Ear for the first time, I figured after four years, it's about time I develop my damn ear

I kept my tuner handy just in case, but yeah lol

and I noticed I was getting a lot better when my lil bro started trying to play, and I realized just how far I've come since


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for me, it was learning kabukibears radical dreamers arrangement. That was the song that I really got the hang of skillful fingerpicking

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One of my milestones when I started out was learning how to play the acoustic intros to Stairway to Heaven and Love Song by Tesla. My next milestone is probably sweep picking, which(as of right now) is impossible for me. lol.