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left hand positions


Joined: Jan 06 2008

I've been kind of obsessing over my left hand technique lately, It feels comfortable, but it doesn't seem right. My teacher told me to extend my wrist straight out, but this doesn't feel right. I've also read places on the net that doing this for the wrist isn't good, but my teacher has been playing for 33 years and hasn't had any problems...but my fingers are longer than his so I have to extend out further.

I wanted to see if you guys could show me or tell me how you were taught, so I can come to a correct conclusion of how to have my hand positioned.

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I'm not sure if I got what you mean by extending the wrist straight out. Could you explain that abit more in detail? (pics maybe) :o

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It shouldn't feel right at first, you need to get use to it.

Try this


You might want your wrist tilted to the right. For me, I only tilt my hand when I need to stretch, if it's just playing simple notes, my fingers point towards the right instead of being perpendicular to the neck.