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I'm sorry my tabs aren't good enough for you.


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I'm sorry my music isn't to your liking. I'm sorry I won't write a complicated fingerstyle monstrosity I can't even play. I'm sorry I never learned proper timings. I'm sorry I won't buy guitar pro to make fancy tabs. I tried my best with what I wanted to play, handwritten in notepad. I can't play guitar for the next few months+ while my fingers rot away, but when I can again, I don't think I'll post anymore. Thank you hslesperance for all your help with these until now.

ugh. the internet is dumb sometimes. or all the time.

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this is really shitty. you never want to see someone have that kind of experience.

i'm not familiar enough with what most of your tabs are from to speak for accuracy or anything like that. and a tab certainly doesnt need to be a complicated fingerstyle monstrosity to generate positive responses. it does suck to see someone give you low ratings but no one giving you feedback as to why. a site like this should be built around being constructive and growing as musicians communally, united by our love for video games.

i hope your fingers dont actually rot away and that you continue to play guitar and make notes on paper to learn the songs you love. i've never created a tab before - both because i dont really have much interest in doing so and i'm much more focused on dedicating my time writing music rather than figuring out someone elses - HOWEVER! it is a good practice that takes time and thought and further can develop your understanding of how melodies are constructed and advance your capabilities as a musician. and a site devoted to that (if there is something awry with your particular tabs) should be focusing on helping you understand the right paths to take and what you might be doing that isn't working. or just helping you hear the right melodies, if they are inaccurate (again, i cannot comment on this because i do not know).

please dont let a weird little community kill any kinds of passion you might have for learning and sharing the music/guitar work you do.


this music is my greatest accomplishment
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Ya know even if you lack


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Ya know even if you lack skill it shouldn't stop you from attempting harder things. If you don't take the first step you can't take the rest.

Also if you want critique you're going to have to be more direct. Personally I could give a flying fuck where the songs you transcribed are from if I've never heard of it. I mean no offense to your tastes, but am only letting you know that I don't see everything on the site everyday regardless of whether I've heard of it or not previously. It's worthy to note that every single low rating on your tabs is from 1 and only 1 user too. I think you're taking the flawed rating system too much to heart. Really, just ask in the technique and help section next time and somebody will reply. I might even reply.

There's no need to take your inexperience so harshly, we all were at the level at one point or another.

1 Person - 1 rating totally


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1 Person - 1 rating totally ignore it there wasn't even any constructive criticism. Keep doing it for yourself even if you don't post anything on the site, also just try not to care what people online think (even on gametabs) we have a great community but people are still just people and they can be jerks.

This site was practically founded on simple tabs...besides it's sad to see anime tabs go away even if I'm not personally familiar with it myself.

I know it's one person. By


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I know it's one person. By now I've figured out exactly what this person doesn't like in my submissions, and before it didn't bother me. But at this time in my life, I really don't need the constant reliable mild negativity.

Well I wish you luck avoiding


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Well I wish you luck avoiding extra negativity and hope ya stick around, just remember to play guitar/write tabs for yourself first and don't worry about trying to make everyone happy.

Just don't care about



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Just don't care about ratings... (so or so, sometimes here's some troll running around, who's rating everything actual to 1 Star...)

...I believe it's more fair to say: I don't like it, because [...]
Anything else is not helpful in any way...

Do what you like and have fun with it! :)

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I remember that the first tab


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I remember that the first tab I posted on GameTabs had been rated 1 star. I would have been very demotivated to post more tabs if auriplane hadn't rated it 5 stars. She did it because my tab was accurate so it didn't deserve to be rated 1 star.
I did the same for your IDOLM@STER tabs : I rated it 5 stars because they're great and accurate. And what you did isn't simple. I've always found it particularly hard to transcribe a voice for guitar. The notes are difficult to hear, and it's often complicated to find the best place on the neck to play these notes.

But as it's been said, ratings are not important. And comments are rare, especially if you tab songs from games or animes that are not very well known.
Personnally, I once thought that if I had one rating on a tab, it was good news because it meant that my tab had been seen and useful for at least one person. But one day I realised that when you're connected to your account, you can see exactly the number of views of your tabs in your own tabs section. From that moment on I've stopped to pay attention to the ratings of my tabs : I realised that they were watched everyday (thus, they are useful!).
You have posted here a lot of great tabs, so I'm sure yours are also watched everyday, thus useful and appreciated discreetly by a lot of people :-)

I suppose I can see why you'd


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I suppose I can see why you'd do this. I think I may have made 2 tabs here the whole time I've been on this site. I forgot they even had a rating system after a while. I hope you continue to play guitar, as long as it makes you happy. To hell with anyone who thinks otherwise.

There's always going to be


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There's always going to be people who do this kinda thing. It's just part of life and putting yourself out there. I know it sucks and I'm sure you put a lot of time and effort into your work. I hope you reconsider giving up or at least reconsider leaving our community.

Re: There's always going to be

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exactly this. putting yourself out there with the work you do, particularly creative, is tough. i mean, i have a hard enough time getting my own friends to listen to music i make when i post new things on facebook. and those are people who actually know me and (supposedly) care about what i do. when you're just throwing things out on the internet - unless it fits right into a specific pocket of interest - it can be pretty thankless. if it's something you feel strongly about, you just have to keep working at it.


this music is my greatest accomplishment
-brick road