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Re: I mostly listen to what


Joined: Oct 16 2021

I mostly listen to what sounds good to me. I have songs all the way from trance to heavy metal on my playlist, but i like melodic rock/heavy the most. These bands i usually listen to:

Deep Purple (fav)
Analyze (One-man-band from Japan)
Ezel-Ash (One-man-band from Japan as well)
Viikate (a Finnish band)
Iron Maiden
Studioforce (a.k.a Dragonforce)

I always took a part in such


Joined: Dec 27 2021

I always took a part in such leagues of music when I was in a college though. Also If you want to learn good music writing or top films writing then you can get a perfect quote for that one with use this link as there are many movies created on the same theme which helps you to understand that how everything works for a common man who loves to make little things worth living.

Re: what is your favorit band?


Joined: Sep 28 2022

Linkin Park
Pink Floyd