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[Done] EarthBound - Eight Melodies


Joined: Sep 23 2008

This is the medley of the Eight "My Sanctuary" melodies from EarthBound.

EarthBound has some of the greatest video game music in existence... but if you are reading this, you probably know all about that!

Anyway, I am no professional and this is my first tab. No fancy stuff, just the music as I understand it. The distances between notes are NOT proportional, so you will have to listen to the music to get the feel of it.

This was written for Ukulele (my primary instrument), but it can be played on Guitar too since it only used the first (bottom) three strings.

So, for Guitar or Ukulele, standard tuning.

AGAIN: THE SPACES ARE NOT PROPORTIONAL. Listen to the song to get the feel of it.

(Here is an MP3 file of the song ripped from the game by Starmen.Net: ... lodies.mp3 . That is what I used to learn the song.)

FILE: 1020-EightMelodies.txt