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how do you record?


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Well, i play in a a band and play a lot my guitars (electric, stratocaster and rhandy roads), but i never recorded anything, and when i atemmped to do it it sounded horrible.

i connected the guitar directly to the computer, using a jack cable, and using the line-in conector at my PC, using a program called Kat MP3. i doesn´t matter how i try it it sound really bad (overdriven or clean).

How do you record?

Re: how do you record?


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when u record a track with your whole band in it.. use a high quality microphone and do whats called "multi tracking". this is wheere you record each instrument seperatley eg. lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, drums. record the whole song and make sure theyre all in time.. then make a video using just camera and put all the music together so that they play at the same time.. use something likew flash to do that if you can get a hold of it. its not the professional way but i hope this helps anyway


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Re: how do you record?


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I just attach something to the end of one of my guitar cables so it will go into my microphone thing in my computer, and use Audacity to record it. It also may be your cable, connection making it sound bad.

Here is something I made doing just that.

Link if vid doesn't appear:



Re: how do you record?



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I record with a cheap digital camera's video function. It sounds pretty good.