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lol major game problem


Joined: Jan 06 2008

I let my bro's ex's brother borrow my FF7 and my bro and his sis broke he doesn't talk to me for some reason. now I only have legends of legaia and dragoon. anyways, do you guys think buying a copy online is reliable? do people rip you off with scratched disk or what? my disks were barely playable, a few more scratches and it would have started skipping during cut scenes and maybe not even play, so I'm not hellbent on getting them back.

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Well, I bought a $200 Anime on EBay for $10

I thought it was the box set, but I just got some back-up DVDs saying Episodes (1-9) (10-18) (19-26)

I didn't read any of the print lol, for all I know, I could've bought a poster that looks like the box, so I didn't complain or anything

The DVDs got here in good condition, only until I forgot them in the car in weather over 105 degrees did they begin to falter

I've watched it 18 times and its just started skipping on me, I am sad

I also bought another one for about the same price, that one works fine as well when I got it

But after watching that one... 17 times, it started skipping around the 14th time, its still pretty good quality except the last episode


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Re: lol major game problem


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wow sounds like you got a nice deal, too bad about leaving it in the heat though. I'll try seeing if I can get to use a family members credit card and me just paying them in cash. thanks


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Re: lol major game problem


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It really depends on who you're buying from. Look at the seller's rating and how many people have rated them. I've bought games at fair prices from E-bay and Amazon before without disappointment.

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I'd suggest checking out bizrate, reliable and you can search aroud for the best deal.

And I'd kick the crap out of that kid >,>