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Any guitar technicians here?


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I haven't played my electric guitar for awhile, and after recently unearthing it from its case I found that the 1/4 inch socket that the line goes into has been damaged. I don't have a clue how that could have happened, as I'm sure no one but me has touched it since I've last used it and even if someone else did they would have to go through a lot of trouble to do whatever happened to it. The socket has been sort of disconnected from the guitar body, so that if I push the line in the socket will go with it. The signal quality is also diminished and one of the settings of the guitar hardly works at all anymore. I'm wondering if anyone here has any idea what might have happened, and maybe even how to fix it. I don't have much knowledge of the inner workings of an electric guitar..

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Did your socket broke/break or is it just nearly detached?

And maybe something was laying against it got hooked up to something? I have no idea... try to imagine what could've happened and what was laying around it..? o-o That would be most likely the cause.. =\



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hmm, the exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I took the faceplate off the jack to try to see what was wrong, and everything seemed fine. I ended up rearranging the order of the several nuts and washers that keep the input jack in place and now its fine. Not the best way to fix it, but it worked so I just rolled with it.

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Ouchies, if you're still intrested (or haven't fixed it yet) I could help you. I don't fully understand what's going on...when you say "settings hardley work anymore" do you mean it comes in and out? Or the setting is just really faint. If you get a picture of what the socket looks like that would be primo.



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need more info to help. the part you're most likely writing about is the input jack which is a 1/4 in input.what happens time to time is that the nut that goes onto the threading of the input jack becomes loose. this causes the jack to feel unstable and can be pushed into the body cavity. might be a quick fix depending on the type of guitar. worst thing that can happen is the jack is pulled out and rips the wires from the pots(part under the volume/tone knobs).can help but need to know make and mode of guitar.if you can remove the jack plate and/or back plate/body cover, just tighten the nut but make sure the wires are not being pulled.