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Cross-string mordent study on King's Quest VI Town music


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I decided it would be fun to arrange this piece from King's Quest VI as sort of a study on performing cross-string mordents. This is the music from the town, which is kind of an Arabian inspired piece, originally with the melody played by a flute, I believe. To make it sound a bit more exotic, you can bend the chord on the first beat of the first 2 measures slightly. It's also a good idea to arpeggiate the chords. Sorry, for those who don't read sheet music, I don't think this is easy to show in tablature with all the fingering.

The positioning of the melody on the guitar lends itself to performance of the mordents on adjacent strings, with the top string open (except for one case), which allows the notes to overlap, creating a nice effect. The performance of the mordent is with the iam finger sequence, the i playing the lower string, the a--the upper, then m--the lower. This should be done rapidly and evenly, in rhythm. Start slowly, making sure each note is the same volume, and played at the same rhythm. The upper string is the open string in all cases, except the first mordent on the E in measure 3, where the upper string is fingered at the F# on the fourth fret.

Anyway, it's fun to play. At some point, I hope to expand this into a more complete arrangement, along with other pieces from the game, but this is all for now. Have fun.

Re: Cross-string mordent study on King's Quest VI Town music



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This is great, and I would love to start seeing more of this type of notation/tabs on the site- not just charting the melodies for the tone-deaf (like myself!) but actually learning something about playing the instrument in the process of learning the song.

I would love to hear a short recording of you performing this fragment if it's practical- otherwise I will just hunt down the track and listen to the original source.

Thanks for making this!

Re: Cross-string mordent study on King's Quest VI Town music


Much nerdy love

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Just started teaching myself to read musical notation last night, definitely gonna practice this one!

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So what exactly is a Cross-string mordent study? Do you study guitar academically seth?



Re: Cross-string mordent study on King's Quest VI Town music


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The thread title alone probably scared off most of the userbase, me included, but I'd really like to learn about guitar on this level someday.

Re: Cross-string mordent study on King's Quest VI Town music


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Haha, sorry to scare you guys off. It's really nothing special. Just an exercise for the right hand. Mordents are sort of like trills: you play the note, then the note above and then back to the note. Usually, they are played on the same string using hammer-on/pull-off, but you can also play them on adjacent strings by fingering both notes and using a special right hand fingering, something like i (lower string) a (upper) m (lower). The more extended version of this technique is actual trills, which can be performed for any length without any loss in volume, which uses a aimp fingering. Of course, you probably won't find these in much video game music. However, I used this in my recording of Dan Don Fuga, at the end (I didn't do the trills very cleanly though).
No, I don't study guitar academically, it's just a hobby. :)

I'll post a recording of this sometime.

I have other ideas for "articles" like this, if you guys are interested. For example, I'd like to write something about the music theory behind some of the pieces, and aspects of certain composers' styles. Of course, these would use notation, so I hope you guys can read it. I'll try to keep it simple though.

Thanks for the info


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