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Zelda Oot Lost Forest Theme


Joined: Jul 22 2008

This is the Lost Forest Theme (aka Sara's song) from Zelda Ocarina of Time IN Position
It is currently in the Key of C Major. But if that doesn't suit you, you can just shift it.(You may want to try it in E major)

It was tabbed relatively quickly and on a bass so you only need 4 strings (no position shifts as well) but i think i can do the ending a little better. Post any additions or fixes please :D

And here is a version showing only 4 strings (for bass or other 4 strings instruments)
Less confusing

FILE: 689-Lost Forest Theme (In Position).txt

FILE: 690-Lost Forest Theme (Bass).txt

Re: Zelda Oot Lost Forest Theme


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Thanks for the tabs. I'm gonna have to skip the bass tab though, since it doesn't really differ from the guitar tab at all. The guitar tab sounds good though, but please try to consider the width of the page the tab will be on and try not to make the tab too wide. I had to reformat one of the lines so the tab would fit. Thanks for the submission nonetheless. ... shinplague