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So my laptop just busted on me



Joined: Apr 17 2007

I don't know what's wrong with it

Its a 4year old Dell XPS and I'm assuming its something with the power cause it just turns off

Occasionally the laptop will load, but before I can sign in it powers off

Within the four years I've had to send it back several times

The screen didn't work
They didn't install the Wireless Card
The motherboard blew up
The charger/battery thing stopped working
and something is still very wrong with my graphics card

overall I've spent way more money into the laptop then I needed to (Well, my mom did, I just turned 18, give me a break lol) and now I'm looking to buy a new laptop, with my own money

as far as uses go, I just need it for college/animation

I have maya at home now, and my friend is helping me get 3DSMax or whatever and hopefully I'll get familiar with all that yaddayadda -- but I was hoping you guys could do for me what you did for Arch

That is help me find a laptop that I can do all that in

I don't mind paying all too much money for it because the laptop will be an investment but... I'm not going to pay over $3,000 lol (and yes, this time it will be my own money)

Re: So my laptop just busted on me


Much nerdy love

Joined: Jun 01 2008 ... aptops.php

Same link I recommended for Archard, but again, I've never personally dealt with Mirages or anything from Overam.

Re: So my laptop just busted on me


Joined: Jan 11 2007

If you haven't read my topic I would do that. There's a lot of good info in there. Despite what I said about Acer a few days ago, I'm actually very satisfied with this machine. I was just pissed because Vista wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do :)