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Drum programming and such.


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I was just wondering if anybody had any programs for creating drums and other backing stuff for your recordings. I'm really looking for something that, ya know, is free. Anyway, if somebody could hook me up with something like that, I'd appreciate it.

Re: Drum programming and such.


Bazooka Tooth

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What Operating System are you using? For Windows Fruitly Loops is pretty basic and easy. Macs have better programs but I don't know where to find a free hacked version of them though.



Re: Drum programming and such.


Location: Utah

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Yeah, I just have Windows (Vista). I don't know, I was just thinking people on here might have access to that kind of stuff.

Re: Drum programming and such.


Happy Strumming!

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Depends, are you planning on actually programming all the drum parts by hand? That takes awhile and if you don't have decent, high quality samples it'll sound like the drum backing to a song out of the 80's.

Fruity Loops is only for learning on, I wouldn't recommend actually putting stuff out with it, but it'll help you get an idea.

If you forgoe the programming aspect you can always use a sampling program like Acid or something that lets you import drum beats, synth lines, etc that you find online and do shit to. You're limited to what is actually played in the loops but you can slice them up if you really want a specific beat and thereare tons of places to get them.

Once you start getting better at that stuff you should look into Reason. It's pretty hardcore but gives you a lot lot lot of options.

Re: Drum programming and such.


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Reason is a beast. The price and fairly steep learning curve are so worth the versatility, IMO.

Re: Drum programming and such.



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Don't go with Mac

I use Fruity Loops with Guitar I can import my drum samples, set-up a beat and what-not...and plug away with Guitar rig...the only thing I had to pay for is the Midi Interface. FL is really useful...if you know what you're doing you can make it sound great...although most of it is directed towards another genre of music.

Personally...I hate ACID, It's way to clunky, but Reason is the bees neeze man. All three programs can be found via Bit Torrents.





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