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Tab of the Month/Week


Joined: Apr 05 2007

A tab of the week, or month that is awarded to the creator and is displayed aomewhere to see. It would be a cool thing to try to aim for if you're making a tab.

Re: Tab of the Month/Week


Joined: Dec 28 2007

well, it would certainly make me start tabbin like mad. :D

but i dont think enough tabs are submitted to do it for the week, so month would be better fitted.

Re: Tab of the Month/Week


Joined: Jan 11 2007

I do wanna start doing this, but right now I'm working on soo many other things. I will get to this sometime though.



Re: Tab of the Month/Week



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Joined: Oct 29 2007

maybe it should be like a poll of some kind.

Re: Tab of the Month/Week


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Joined: Jun 01 2008

I don't know about a poll. I imagine that all the various fanboys would end up voting for tabs based on the particular tune and not the quality of the tab. But then I don't have any better ideas.