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Youtube --> MP3 Converter


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Is this not working for anyone else? When i hit download nothing happens, and it also doesnt play the recording

Re: Youtube --> MP3 Converter


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it was working for me a while ago

Re: Youtube --> MP3 Converter


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Here's what I use for that stuff. I go to and use that to download the youtube video. Once you get that be sure to add a .flv at the end of it.

Then I open riva flv encoder. It's a great little program and really easy to use. ... d=10381392

Just click the browse button in the input section and find your youtube video. It will automatically have the same file in the output section. All you have to do is select the .flv at the end of the one in the output and change it to .mp3

If you want to fiddle with the settings they're to the right at the bottom for audio. If not, just click Encode at the bottom, wait a bit, and it should work. You can also convert them to .avi or .wmv or .mpg files too (I think) all you have to do is change the extension instead of .mp3 to .whatever you want. Pretty simple!

YouTube to MP4 Converter is a


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YouTube to MP4 Converter is a handy software that can help you convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. The app youtube to mp4 converter is simple and easy to use, so you don't need to be an expert to convert videos on your computer. It supports batch conversion, so you can convert multiple videos at once. You can also choose the best video format for your device or upload them directly from your computer.

To find your YouTube video,


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To find your YouTube video, simply select the browse button in the input field. The same file will automatically be present in the output section. Simply choose the.flv at the end of the output file and change it to.mp3 to complete the process. You may adjust the audio settings by moving the slider to the right at the bottom. Here you can try, If not, simply click Encode at the bottom and wait a little while; it ought to work. You can also convert them to.avi,.wmv, or.mpg files, too (I believe), by simply changing the extension from.mp3 to whatever you like. Simple enough!