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Favorite Final Fantasy Game?



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Which Final Fantasy game did you guys like the most?

My favorite is Final Fantasy 8... 8-)

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7, 8, and 10 in that order.

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I might have to agree with Final Fantasy VIII as well. I've been thinking about this lately, and I think FF8 is an underrated game in the FF series. The more I think about it, the more I love the storyline, the characters and the music. I really liked the junction system as well. That was really an epic game, but didn't really hit home with me at the time I played it (I was 11 or 12). It's really hard for me not to say that FF7 was the best though.



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Mine is suprisingly 5! I like it because of it's advance job system and it's storyline and epic character set, such as Gilgamesh, Galuf, Bartz, Leena(or something like that), Faris and let us not forget X-Death! Otherwise I like FF IX a lot, too, eventhough it changed it's style from 7 and 8 I still like it. And if you ask me, since 10 the series lost it's touch...


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I think I prefer the 9.
'Cause I love the story and the univers. I love the 8 for his music and the story of the SeeD.

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FF6 is my favorite, since it was the Final Fantasy that got me hooked into Final Fantasy. I also love FF7, FF8, and 9 (and what everyone is saying about 8 is true, it is underrated).


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The reason why 8 is underrated is because it came after 7 :P

I've played FF 4-7-8-9-10/2-11

If I were to arrange those into favorites...


But 10/2 was just awful (Game Play)

I couldn't stand the game, so I didn't beat it lol

Didn't get very far either...


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My favorite FF would have to be 6, followed closely by 10, and then 9.
In my opinion, 7 and 8 were okay and have way too much hype. Especially 8. It's way too easy, and although the music was excellent (I love Julia's theme), the characters were really annoying like Squall with his "badass-ness". I would rank the FF series like this: 6,10,9,5,7,4,8.

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I dislike the 3D ones, as they seemed to bound even further into repetitive and unoriginal (I'm looking at you, VII). I'd have to say VI due to how it is more steampunk than the other hurr durr guys with gigantic swords. IV is also where it's at.

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Crystal Chronicles. Followed by FF9, followed by FFT, followed by Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, followed by FF2, followed by all the rest.

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I really cant decide if VII or X is the best FF ever for me. I haven't played III or VIII or finished IX or XII so i can't rank them anywhere.

I really like the feel of FFIV and ESPECIALLY FFVI, so even if VII or X are on the shared first spot, IV and VI follow very close indeed.

X-2 wasn't an utter piece of poop but it could've been a much better game if it were more linear. Yes, you heard me: you could complete the game without really finding out about much about the events of the two years after X, or really going deep into the story. It sucked that you would have to so some meaningless-feeling dungeon crawl to see a sphere or whatever had happened between Nooj, Baralai, Gippal and their camera-person. Also the completion percentage was just stupid, if you really wanted to get the most out of the game, you needed to get 100% in one playthrough, and that was tedious, even with a guide (which i admit using). I'm currently ant the start of the last chapter at 81% or so and just can't be bothered to finish the game.

Whoops, seems like this post just turned into a rant about how SE coulda made FFX-2 better :D


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I would have to go with FF7, i also liked FF3 on the snes(remade as FF6 for PS1), FF8 was good to but from 10 up I ask wtf? I think FF7 is my fav becasue it was the frist real FF games I got to really play and the music is to cool!

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Tactics (NOT tactics advance) was a pretty awesome game too. Good music, great gameplay, amazing storyline (though I wasn't really old enough to appreciate it the first time I played through it). I'm glad they re-released it for the PSP.

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I like ring of fates, but I've never played any for the playstations 'cause I'm a nindendite, and I hate sony. :D

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Final Fantasy VIII is certainly the best. Fantastic music that has stuck with me for years. The storyline was pretty amazing as well. The characters are much better, I think, than the ones in FFVII. No one likes Yuffi.

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Final Fantasy VI. And I happen to call it the best game of all time. Plus, Magicite>>>>>>>>>Materia. Seriously. Less complicated, and easier to level up. Currently playing the Advance version of the game (which took forever too find.)

V and IV are a close second. V is also the first Final Fantasy game I've ever beaten, which makes me <3 it even more.

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7-6-4-tactics-tactics advance-11-3-2-1-8-10-9-12

And if anyone wants to argue why 8-12 are last, I have a list of arguments.


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In order: 6, 7, 9, 8, 10

VI had the best soundtrack IMO and it had a great storyline, which is why it was my favorite :)

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My order:

Crystal Chronicles Cube, Final Fantasy III, Crystal Chronicles DS, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy IV

These are all the FF games that I have, I've heard VII is great but for me Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube is the best :P
Just like Yoshi because I'm also a Nintendite :D

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FF V and VIII. Also I quite enjoyed FFX-2


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FF VII and FF VI are definitively the best for me.


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I think FF4 would probobly be


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I think FF4 would probobly be my favorite I mean cmon you get to go to the moon. That in its self is badass plus you get a fatass chobo that rides in your ship. What else do you need?


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You Can't Beat FF6 Like



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You Can't Beat FF6 Like

#1 FFVII #2 FFVI #3 FFIX #4


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#4 FFV

#1 FFV,



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#1 FFV, zomgwtfrotflolamazinggameplay! o.o
#2 FFVII story, period...
#3 FFIX nostalgia <3

Tought question. I guess it


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Tought question. I guess it really depends on whether you count FF12 as a final fantasy game. I mean, it is, but at the same time it's so far removed from the rest of the series gameplay-wise. Certainly, I had the most fun with FF12 of the lot, but I feel somehow wrong using it in my list.

Anyway, my favourite is FF12, but if we diregard that one, it would be FF9. FF9 is so far beyond any other entry in the series, IMO, that there is no comparison.

My Top 3: 1) IV 2)


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My Top 3:
1) IV
2) VI
3) V

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#3 FFX

#4 All FF Tactics


:) ;) XD

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Makes me a sad panda to see your top three games not include any of the 2D ones (1-6).

There is only one Final


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There is only one Final Fantasy in my hearth, it's FF6 with his epic story, characters and of course musics :)


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(beware, a long post


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(beware, a long post follows)

My favorite will always be VI.

That game left a huge impression on me when it was released (I was in junior high at the time). I still remember walking into the Magitek Factory and stopping, putting down the controller, and listening to the music. That happened to me more than once. FFVI was when I learned that game soundtracks were available. "Kefka's Domain" was the first game music album I ever bought. My dad didn't get it at all. Many tracks sounded like random garbage to him (see: Dancing Mad). But I listened to those discs every day through high school it seems like.

The way the story and characters were laid out was great to me. I love having a huge cast of main characters whose stories randomly intertwine until the end when they all come together (see: Heroes). Ha! I even hooked my SNES up to my VCR and recorded the final battle/ending sequence so I could watch them at will. Ahh, the days before DVDs, and certainly pre-YouTube.

Other games on my favs list will likely surprise you. I really love FFXI. I recently started up my subscription again. The job system, the world (Vana'diel), the stories, the music... they all surpass industry giants like World of Warcraft in my opinion. And why? Because Square-Enix has known how to make RPGs for decades, and just because they made an online game doesn't mean they ignored all those aspects that make an RPG great.

Another of my top favs is the first one. Final Fantasy started it all, and it did it with silent character-less protagonists. It introduced all the wonderful things about the series I still love today (well, except for Summoners, Geomancers and Dragoons). What can I say that has not already been said for 20 years? I remember my step-dad (at the time) picking it up when I was in elementary school and claiming that there was too much reading for me to get any enjoyment out of it. HA!

I also recently finished XII and I have to say, once I got my head around the politically charged plot I loved it. That plot style reminded me of another great RPG from my past: Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. But yeah, XII was a great game in its own right, and a great Final Fantasy game (yes, it *is* one ;).

Favorites list: (TLDR version for lazy bums. :p)
1) VI
2) I
3) IV
4) XI
5) XII
6) V

Somewhere floating between 4th and 12th place:
VII - I would be able to like it more if it hadn't been senselessly fanboy'd to death. Yes, I get it. Cloud is cool. And Seph is 'teh bada$$' but let it go already. :p Seriously though, I loved the Limit Break system (it hasn't been done half as well since VII, although XI's weapon skill system is close) and the Materia system. And while this might surprise you given my above opinion, I'd actually like to see a remake. No, not for the crazy graphics, but so that we might be able to get a decent re-translation/localization out of it. Parts of the script were physically painful.

Final Fantasy IV because the

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Final Fantasy IV because the sheer difficulty of it. All of the Playstation Final Fantasy RPGs were just way too easy to beat. As long as you never ran from a battle, you were a sure-win at the end of the game. Four required you to grind like mad off of the exploited monsters (Summoners in Bahamuts cave that summoned endless amounts of one set monster), which would take upwards of 3 hours to get Rydia's final spell. However, the game has it's drawbacks. The story was the beginning of Squaresoft's mind-fuck love twist that always ends up with the protagonists killing some evil entity that isn't introduced till the end (Even Final Fantasy VII followed the same story structure).

I can agree with a lot of people that Final Fantasy VII is a genuinely great game; it really is. It revolutionized the genre of JRPGS in many different aspects: 3D models replacing 2D sprites in and out of battle; Full Motion Video cut-scenes that display beautiful imagery and setting; The materia system that required you to level up equippable items (in comparison to FFVI (which had a very similar system) with the Esper system); descriptive backgrounds of all characters that grabs you and lets you understand their hardships and personalities. However, with every good there is a bad. Something this revolutionary is always going to spurt out something horrible... even if it isn't in the game itself. Wierd, overly obsessed, mostly obese people that dress up as the characters and try to act as them. Erotica drawn of every character that caters to almost every fetish in the book (mostly Tifa which every picture is under the impression that her boobs are the size of hot air balloons). Spin-off movies (Advent Children was a piece of shit. Fuck you if you liked that almost 2 hour long piece of fan-fiction.) and games (Ehrgeiz anyone?).

That is just my two-cents on the series. Well, I can say that FFVIII was a piece of homosexual, emo, overly long trash, but I have blathered on long enough. I'll just leave you with a tl;dr: FFIV > FFVII, VIII, X, and anything that is going to be produced in the near future.


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My Favourite would have to be.....


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I've played all of the FF's up until 12 apart from crystal chronicles,
so in my opinion number 7 would have to be my favourite, mainly because the storyline is sooooo good, and the characters are some of the best there has been in the FF series. And the music was world class!!!!

The order of FF's
2)10 - awesome
3)9 - Loved the music, espescially the world map theme, it was different to the others as well, because the main character had a tail, and your compainaigns were weird as well like Vivi and Quina Quen (I mean what is up with him)
4)6 - Music and best birds eye view FF
5)8 - I liked the card game and collecting the cards
8)2 - Great game
9)10-2 - alright, fighting was a bitch
12)tactics and tactics 2 - ok i liked the idea
13)12 - boring
14)11 - losing its touch



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Its hard to say - i love them all! XD

I think FFX wins it actually - but only by a hair! Great music, characters, themes, villains, story, plot, etc, etc ;D

IX wud follow - it has almost everything 10 has - but Zidane is freaking awesome!

then its either IV or VIII - both have great stories and characters to them <3

then FF7 - its good but its highly overrated. Im not sure that we're considering spin-offs in this so ill leave them out of it.

Then X-2 - it was good but the others definitely beat it!

and finally - FFXII - it was awful. just... awful!

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (with friends and 4 GBA's XD)


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ok my favorite is.. 7, then


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ok my favorite is..

7, then 6, then 10, then 9,then 12, then 1 and 2 in that order



FFVI is the best. No doubt


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FFVI is the best. No doubt about it. My friends and I were actually discussing this recently, and we were saying how a lot of people think FFVII is the best. My argument went something like this "VII isn't the best because it's not VI." That logic is flawless, and it can be applied to any other game in the series.

I liiiiike IV XI and Tactics



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I liiiiike
and Tactics Advance.

9 and 10, the only ones ive


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9 and 10, the only ones ive played LOL


...uh huh...

Can I really pick?


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I'm not gonna' take the easy way out. If I had to pick just one (say I was trapped on a deserted island with only one to play for the rest of my life), I guess it would have to be...

FFVI. Absolutely epic. I've already played it a ton of times, and I will probably do so again in the future. =)

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I agree with Laoise, Juja,


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I agree with Laoise, Juja, MTM and all the other correct people. FFVI ^-^



FF7 & Tactics FTW


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FF7 & Tactics FTW

Final Fantasy 1-7 the rest


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Final Fantasy 1-7 but if I had to choose 1 Id go with the one that started it all for me Final Fantasy 4 the rest are a piece of shit. The music in all of them is great tho.


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The first place goes fo IV,


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The first place goes fo IV, it's an awesome game... i love it.
Second goes for VI... it'd would only be in first if the plot didn't came too... early.
Third goes for II, it's really good the rebel plot
Fourth goes for III... I was in shock when i saw it's DS remake, AWESOMENESS (imagine my impression with IV's one)
Fifth draws V and I, both awesome, for real.
Sixth is FFT, gotta play it for real, the remake is.. perfect, in every way.
Seventh goes for VII, it's... special in its own way.
8th goes for IX, all the references of the other game sthere were so funny.
9th goes for VIII, awesome music.
10th goes for the Chocobo Mystic Forest (It's a FF game afterall, Cid, Cactuar, Tomberi, Behemth, Chocobos, magic...)
I've played lots of FF.. i could make a 20th or so list


And that's how it is, dude.

1:X -best



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1:X -best story/music/graphics. the OST really really rocks. I agree with Waladus that after this fantasy, the series lost it's touch. it's like WTF? XII only have good graphics, and good graphics alone.
2:VII -NOSTALGIA. fu** you sephiroth!! who can ever forget this? plus, very broad story line. again, fu** you sephiroth!!
3:IX -no dull moment. beautiful environment. lovable characters. except quina. i guess. haha
4:VI -lots of summon(espers)! this is an epic.
5:VIII -the first time i played this it was boring. but when the story line deepens, this game will suck you into it until you can't stop playing and waiting for the next scenes to play. one of the best. but i placed it to #5 because it doesn't feel just right. haha.



to snckpack . I don't think



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. I don't think that going to the moon makes a game BADASS. hahah. but i still like FF4 even if 4 is not in my top 5.