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Guitar Hero


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Guitar Hero, one if the greatest music games ever created (except DDR of course), but I want to know which one was the best out of the 3

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Real Guitars with strings > Plastic Guitars with colorful buttons. =O

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"TrangOul" posted:

Real Guitars with strings > Plastic Guitars with colorful buttons. =O

I hate Guitar Hero with a passion.


I am the user, Lybaerd.

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I loved guitar hero for a year or so

But what it comes down to is...

You're playing a plastic guitar, to get better playing a plastic guitar...

Why play plastic when you have the real thing? :(

But yeah, I played 2 and 3

I wouldn't say one is better than the other cause 1) Message in a Bottle <3
and 2) Paint it Black <3

Regardless, I'd have to agree with the above at this point


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Ugh, Guitar Hero, all my friends say their good at guitar cuz they can beat whoever on whatever difficulty with whatever percent. I hate that game, but I'd say 2 has the best soundtrack.


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Well I cant really say I hate it. Its what got me playing the guitar in the first place. But after the real guitar I started to move away from it. But GH2 has the better set-list.


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GH 2 has the better track list. Sweet Child O' Mine ftw.

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"TrangOul" posted:

Real Guitars with strings > Plastic Guitars with colorful buttons. =O




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2 Is the best! All that remains - Six! Buckethead - Jordan woooo.



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If it wasn't for Guitar Hero, we wouldn't have Rock Band, and if it wasn't for Rock Band, I'd have never started playing real guitar devotedly, and I've noticed that since I won that RB contest, I've been moving from RB to the real thing slowly. So much so, I haven't even played the last two weeks of DLC for it, but instead have learned three new songs and written one myself (just the chords). You can't really hate Guitar Hero itself. Hate the people that play it and don't differentiate between reality and plastic (these are usually the same people that think that playing FPS and can head shot someone 1000 feet away can take a real gun and hit a target in the center)

All in all, I play real, and I play GH/RB, but I don't consider myself the greatest guitarist in the world just because I've 100% Freebird on expert. I can't play it for real, so I just say that I'm great at that game, not guitar.

However, you all know that I rock that plastic controller with my epic win! ^_^ Still waiting on a confirmed date for the filming.

And Guitar Hero II had the best ST, but 1 and 80s were second, 3 third, and at a distant fourth, aerosmith....


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TrangOul said

Real Guitars with strings > Plastic Guitars with colorful buttons. =O

Yeah, but it's a bit of a laugh with a few mates and a few beers down your neck ~

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It ruins music for me...half of the songs/artists on there I listen have died to me because of it... I can barely listen to Megadeth, Metallica, or Bon Jovi without somone saying "DEY HAZ A S0NG 0N GiTaR Hooro and/or RCOk BNAD! YOo Moost plah it!11!1!"

It also makes people think that they know an artist and everything about them while only knowing 2 of their songs. I seriously know a person whos "Favorite Band" is Van Halen...the only song they know is "You really got me" which was a Cover of the Kinks, anyways.

At least we know they cant get Sinatra...unless...crap!


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Guitar Hero World Tour is the best one. TOOL is in it, now you can Rock out with Maynard, Justin, Danny and Chandler!!!


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I agree with atukomanga. If it wasn't for Harmonix (company full of musicians, developer of Guitar Hero 1/2 and Rock Band) I would have never picked up guitar.

The thing is, GH1/2 and RB1/2 remind you constantly that you can get a real guitar for cheap, and that you really should be thinking of starting to play a real instrument. The GH games since 3(developed by Neversoft) have really lost that part of the charm...


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Beat through the fires and flame on monday WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ThePredster said

Beat through the fires and flame on monday WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stop playing on easy

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"Playing on plastic guitars"? You just passed your douchebag-exam, folks.

It's a great party game to play with or without friends, and a great alternative if you lack the money to buy a real guitar or afford lessons. Altough it's getting more and more dangerous OPENLY LIKING GAMES when the internet is on the lure.

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lol shutup. Expert. Hermansolo is the hardest part of the whole thing. Went to my friends and beat satchboogie on WT yeserday. Easy as crap 2 handed