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Castlevania Adventure 2: Belmont's Revenge - Praying Hands


Joined: May 20 2008

Hello everyone, I am a new poster, and I thought I'd give a shot at making a request. Even if no one decides to make a tab for this, I still thought it would be great to share this song with you all.

As the titles says, this track is called Praying Hands, from the game Castlevania Adventure 2: Belmont's Revenge, released on the Game Boy.

Here is a link to the midi: ... Castle.mid

...but the midi doesn't do it enough justice, so I also found a youtube video of someone playing the level with this music, in an emulator: ... re=related

The music starts at about 15 seconds into the video. I highly recommend watching the video if you feel like tabbing this. Even if you are not a tabber, I highly recommend watching it and enjoying the excellent music.

I played and beat this game so many times, mainly to listen to the music. It was also an awesome game, too.