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FFIV - Rydia's Theme


Joined: Aug 02 2007

Here is something I threw together...

Comments? Critiques?

FILE: 441-rydia.gp5

FILE: 442-rydia.mid

Re: FFIV - Rydia's Theme


Joined: Jan 11 2007

I LOVE this. It flows so well on guitar, wow. One of my favorite FF songs and man does it bring back memories.

Measure 13, instead of G, A, B in the melody, I think it should be G, A, C. That's what my memory of the song says anyway, maybe I'm wrong.

Some parts could be improved a little bit, but it's really just nit picking and I'm not gonna bother you with that.

One question, were you inspired at all from 'Sleep My Sephy', the arrangement you transcribed from the FF7 tribute album? That's what the chord structure reminds me of anyway, and I was reminded of the song from the intro.

Great job!



Re: FFIV - Rydia's Theme


Joined: Aug 02 2007

Thanks. Well, I was just fooling around on my guitar and I ended up playing something that reminded me of Rydia's Theme, and the C,A,F,G run sounded like it was right. I didn't even think of the Sleep My Sephy song until you now mentioned it, and indeed it is the same chord run...haha. As a matter of fact, I actually didn't listen to the original song to tab this, so there are definitely parts that could be I remember this song vividly, as it was one of my favorites. But seriously though, if you think anything could be improved, tell me! I don't arrange very often, so I'm not that good at it. It is fun though because I just recently bought Guitar Pro 5.