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Re: What was your first console?


VG Maniak

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My first console was a Sega Megadrive, and my first game, Altered Beast !
A fuckin' good game :D


Check out my VGM cover channel ! :p

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The Fingerstyle Mechanic

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my first system was Magnavox Odyssey² with like 5-8 games possibly a tad bit more.


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JaktheStripper said

some people like to limit themselfs from great games by blind fanboy nature, in all honesty its stupid and immature and could definately hurt the gaming world...

I have never wanted to buy Sony's products in or out of the game console field. They are notoriously overpriced, needlessly proprietary and hardly ever worth the hassle those two factors create.

I don't need to buy a PS2 because I already have one in my apartment- I guess I could have mentioned I live with my girlfriend.

So unless you think it's necessary to buy every console from every generation, I don't see why my opting out of giving money to Sony is an issue. It's a consumer choice to not purchase items from a company I don't like, and frankly I don't think it has ruined my life or the video game community.

Edit: Also:

PLAY GAMES NOT SYSTEMS and TAKE a chance on a new unheard game, just because its not #6 of a series doesnt mean its completely terrible...

Comes off as a goddamn joke since the franchises most notorious for sequel-itis are mostly Playstation games. I assure you I'm not closed-minded about the experience of gaming, I just don't like Sony the company.

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Joined: Oct 08 2008

My first was a Sega genesis.

My grandma gave it to us because she got a dreamcast.

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Joined: Dec 24 2008

Gameboy Color for handheld and PlayStation One for actual console.
I got Pokemon Yellow with GBC and Spyro the Dragon with PSone

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fartinyoface said

My first was a Sega genesis.

My grandma gave it to us because she got a dreamcast.


you must be the only person on planet earth with a grandma who plays videogames.

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Delightfully British Scalie

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Commodore 64, followed by a Game Gear.

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Joined: Jul 17 2008

My first system was N64. Me and my brother got it for christmas one year when i was like 4 or 5. LoZ:OoT never gets old. I got a Wii just so i could download it and play. Aero fighters assault was another good game. I remember me and my brother would turn on infinite time and infinite kills and shoot each other out of the sky for hours. Ah, the good ol' days when i actually had time to play video games, rofl

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Joined: Sep 11 2008

Well, the first console I played on was my friends snes in 2000.. I was about 6 back then :) I remember it had this fighting game and a james bond game (dont remember the names). My parents didn't support buying games/consoles for me.. so the first console I owned was a DS, with Mario Kart and Sonic Rush . My sister bought it for me in 2005 :)
I feel so young =O



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Joined: Nov 17 2008

I'm pretty sure mine was the Super Nintendo. It also had my first RPG, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Ahhh, good times, good times.


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Light Aligns

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Haha, does the TRS-80 count as a console? If not, I guess it would be the Atari 2600 or Coleco Vision. I think I just won the "old guy contest."

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I'm Dutch, but I ain't Cheap!

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KitsuneFox59 said

"gamingnguitar" posted:

mine was a gameboy color, first game was blues clues :lol: (gimme some credit i was only four )

That's not too bad. When I got a Gameboy Color, my first game for it was "Cubix: Racin' Robots". I was 11. That game was horrible and just loved insulting my intellegence.

Mine was also the Game boy colour (bright green). My first (nintendo) game was Pokemon yellow (was 8 or something). loved it.


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Re: What was your first console?

x fox x

The pokemon addict

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I was given a gameboy color when i was 5 because i was the only preschooler that could read in my school :D. It came with Pokemon Blue. That was the only game I truly played for about 6 years. By the time i was 10 I could name all 150 Pokemon in order with types, stats, moves ect. I probably have more than 1000 hours in my gameboy on Pokemon Blue + Crystal. And i probably "caught them all" 100 times. I still my play my gameboy color regularly to this day...*cough*screw the ds*cough* :D


~Fox...aka the guy who has more free time during the school year than summer vacation >.>

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Joined: Jan 20 2009

Good old SNES!!!
I got it in 1993 (I was 4) and it came with Super Mario World, Gradius III, Mario Paint, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes: Turtles in Time and a couple more that I can't remember right now....

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Savage Wolf Fury

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Mine was the SEGA Genesis! First games were Sonic the Hedgehog and Shining Force!Big Sonic fan and RPG fan since!


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super ness 4 years old dad bought it and super mario world which is still what i consider the best mario game up to date


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Joined: Jul 14 2008

Intellivision Babaay!

I was about eight or so when I got these back in 1998. I bought like a crap load at a yard sale.. Maybe 10 or so consoles(the more the merrier :D) and several cartridges which were duplicates. It was awesome.. I was an old school gamer before I became a gamer. After that I got an Atari 5200 which was awesome.. I played so much Moonlander.

I was still pretty ignorant of three dimensional games and I hadn't realized I was playing the old stuff.. until I got a Playstation; this was the turning point in my life.. and not for the better.

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Acoustic Guitar User

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Nintendo 64 =]



Re: What was your first console?

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Mr first was a blue Gameboy color. I remember I was so excited about it XD

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guitar player

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Joined: Mar 28 2009

it was the most f***ing epic console EVER!!! was the Super-Sonyc-64! ... had a fat wad of cash, free time, and more free time...the only 1 of its kind (home-made) and was pretty much just a PS1, an N64, and an SNES welded together in a case that i made, and my dad painted Sonic the hedgehog on it :) ... plays N64 and SNES games with a sony PS1 paddle, and my best hack yet! ... a week later i wrote a no-CD crack for starcraft :D...look up what it is and you'll see :)

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Satan's Guitarist

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It was the old Atari

I had Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Frogger, and Pitfall.


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