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Hey , im new in this site ..... i was listening the recordings, and i wanna know how do you guys record , which program you use to get a clean sound like that .Please i need so help to record . Thank you .

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digital camera, however i dont post my recordings as it isnt the best thing to use. It makes it soundall crappy :cry:

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I just use a simple USB mic for now =P

In terms of software, your best legal option is Audacity.

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For acoustic guitars, it's always best to use a microphone. I have an SM57, which is a pretty decent and cheap mic that a lot of people use to record. For electric guitars you have to have some kind of interface that can interact with software on your PC. Some soundcards have the ability to record input, but a lot of times you need to buy some new hardware. There's a lot of different ways to do it, unfortunately I'm not too knowledgeable in this area.



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If you're recording on the cheap (like me) you can just string a cable from your Amp's output to your computer's mic input, and record from the mic like that. It's messy, but if you use an audio editing program (I use Garageband), you can keep the noise to a decent minimum.

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Yeah i understand , but i dont have an amp . is there another way to get record without an amp , but with good sound quality ?

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I actually don't line in my guitar directly to my computer. I bought a nice studio microphone (actually intended for podcast broadcasting but it works well for everything,) for like $80, and I just set it up on the floor in front of my amp.

I just record it using Audacity, a free sound editing program. I think it sounds better than when I line it in, personally. Well, I prefer how my amp sounds over the line-in, anyway.



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