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Chrono Cross - People seized with life


Joined: Apr 13 2008

Hi out there. At the moment i'm (once again) quite flashed with
my favourite vgm Soundtrack, chrono cross. I just did a tab to ,,people seized with life"
i remember this being played to my favourite scene in a rpg at all, and
i also remember me crying to this sequence where this guy wants to eradicate the world
and really names reasons for it, accompanied by this music. This is so real.
So here it is, i have to give a big shout out to mister Mitsuda the music to this game
is monumental. enjoy.

FILE: 377-people seized with

Re: Chrono Cross - People seized with life


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I'd need weeks to learn this, but it sounds great. :) Really nice tab, thanks! ... -with-life