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GaMetal has a channel again


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A couple years ago he took down his channel due to name copyright issues but he's been back for a while now. You guys ought to check out his newer stuff.

Here have some mario rpg 37 minute medley.

thanks, i have a folder of


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thanks, i have a folder of some of his stuff somewhere that i can update now

As far as I know, he's the


I will not join your gametabs.

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As far as I know, he's the only person who's done a cover/arrangement of Big Baby Bowser. So, +1,000,000 to him.

Thanks, thats good news! I


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Thanks, thats good news! I realy like his stuff and I was realy sad when his chanel was closed.



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I'm glad to hear that GaMetal has a channel again. GaMetal's unique blend of video game music covers with a metal twist has been enjoyed by fans for years. Here you can get net worth of celebrities and learn more new things about the news. It's great to see that they are back and producing content once more. I'm excited to see what new covers they will release and how they will continue to push the boundaries of video game music interpretation. Welcome back, GaMetal.