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Dungeons and Dragons


Joined: Feb 02 2010

Has anyone played this game?

I just played my first ever scenario, and it was loads of fun. I played a bard, and I really enjoyed the variety that the character brings.

If you played, what was your experience? What class/race did you play? How was the DM?

dw, am actually curious with my question.


Laon King

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Joined: Apr 03 2011

Is this the late 20th century all of a sudden or did D&D get some popularity hit recently?

Only played once as a kid when my old man introduced it to me. No one my age knew it existed in all of the places I grew up in afterwards so couldn't get to experience more of it.

Hit and miss, mostly miss.


Eric: tank,godlike

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Hit and miss, mostly miss. Efficient GM's are a rarity and I don't want to sit down for hours and have it yield nothing.

Around hour two the dice rolls seem slow and I question why I sat down in the first place when I could have been doing something better with my lost time.