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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Hell March 2


Location: Helsinki, Finland

Joined: Apr 10 2008

Game title: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Platform: PC (Windows)
Track title: Hell March 2
Composer: Frank Klepacki
Year: 2000
Tabber: Frank Klepacki

Again, I have no MIDIs or MP3s but, like all Frank's soundtracks, this one is also listenable in the jukebox (under the "CnC Series" category) on his official website at for free. Even though the full title of the track is "Hell March 2", it is abbreviated "HM2" in the jukebox.

The original tab posted by Frank Klepacki himself can be found in the same thread as the original Hell March, here:

In addition to erasing some unnecessary empty lines, I also broke some bars from the middle into two rows to make it more vertically fitting to's fashion of displaying tabs onsite. Otherwise the content is exactly the same as in the original.

Cheers. =)

FILE: 357-hell march 2 guitar tab.txt