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So i just heard of amon tobin........


Joined: Mar 24 2007

and man is his stuff awesome! first heard his stuff from the splinter cell: chaos theory soundtrack and was immediately hook. anyone else listen to his stuff?

here's a youtube link of one of his splinter cell tracks:

oh yea, and TF2 is awesome also.

edit: dont know whats the deal with embedding a youtube link, so you guys are stuck with it.

edit 2: yay! i figured it out.

Re: So i just heard of amon tobin........



Joined: Jun 16 2007

Oh yeah, he's really cool! I first learned of him when the Es skate video Menikmati came out. His music is all over that video. I didn't get into him so much, but my brother really took to him, and some of his stuff I've heard I've really liked. He definitely does what he does very well.


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