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warcraft 2...gnome theme?



Joined: Jun 16 2007

I had some free time this afternoon, so I whipped this up real fast. I basically took gori fater's ( piano transcription for the warcraft 2 human theme and transcribed it to ukulele and 2 recorders. I only did the first little bit, though (although I'm tempted to try transcribing some of those scales to ukulele, because I've realized that the ukulele can play scales quite gracefully). Anyway, it didn't sound quite as robust as the human theme, so maybe it would be a gnome theme...or some Lilliputian war theme.

FILE: 336-WC - Human Theme 1 - uke + 2 recorders.gp5

FILE: 335-WC - Human Theme 1 - uke + 2 recorders.mid

Re: warcraft 2...gnome theme?



Joined: Apr 04 2008

Wow, that's pretty cool, nice one.