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[Fingerstyle] Red Like Roses from RWBY


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So this is the first tab I've ever really attempted to create. I wasn't completely sure was I was doing, but I think it's going pretty decently. It's pretty much whatever melody was in the MIDI with some different bass stuff and fingering, except for the middle bit, which is pretty much just what was in the MIDI.


And the song:

Seems accurate and


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Seems accurate and playable.

But why are some parts listed as voice 2 in the gp5? Maybe just have everything on voice 1.

Measures 58 - 65 could be cut down to only 1 or 2 measures. Or if you want to keep all of those silent measures, just make a note of it in the final text that it's the drum section for people who haven't heard the source.

Measures 96 and 97, that half note rest should be whole, or better yet just remove the second voice completely, like my first comment says.


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Nice job sir.


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Nice, gonna try playing this when I got some time. Some of the bass notes could be played on a higher string to make it more playable but other than that seems solid!