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I was trying to create a tab..


Joined: Nov 25 2011

Hello, i have been battling with my first attempt in tabbing and it isn't going so well..
I was hoping that some of you would be willing to help me at this.
Rusty Hearts

That is the song that i have been working on, melody is the only part that i have been able to work out, i got stuck in the end and wasn't able to go on.
I tried to make a Guitar pro file, but failed miserably.
So this is the best that i can currently do, how do i get better? How to make a more complicated tab with bass notes and all?
Edit: it's played in standard tuning, and there's no rhythm in that tab so the spaces don't mean anything after the start, sadly.

That's a nice song, may add


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That's a nice song, may add it to my collection.

Back on topic, here is a not so short article on how to arrange by probably the most proficient tabber (my opinion) on Gamtetabs.

I know your pain with trying to write something on Guitar Pro, but the only way to get better at transcribing music is to transcribe it. There is a lot of benefit to practicing this and not just for writing. Perhaps you should try something easier to start though?

Thanks for the reply, yeah i


Joined: Nov 25 2011

Thanks for the reply, yeah i guess so, but getting started is so aggravating when it just feels like the program you are using is just fighting against you. I'll read that kabukibears article, i have been visiting this site for a good year, kabukibear is definitely one of the best here.

the free version of TablEdit


Nate Brooks

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the free version of TablEdit will let you import a midi and combine multiple tracks, even all tracks, into one instrument with the string number / string tuning of your choice into a tablature system.

It won't let you save anything more than 16 measures, but you can import the entire song and see it all in tablature, either on different instruments next to eachother, or all in one.

Sometimes I'll use that tool to see the basic bass line, chords, and tunes all at once, or in pieces. Then I'll tweak the notes until it's playable.

When you've got it worked out enough you can just manually copy into guitar pro and export it into a .wav and a ASCII text document.

The other tool I use is windows media player, if you're tabbing from an mp3. There's a tool built into it that lets you play stuff at half speed while still preserving the original pitches. It doesn't sound great, but you can pick out the faster parts a lot easier that way.

I would really recommend the



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I would really recommend the program 'Transcribe!' that i think kubuki talks about in his tutorial. It really is a jewel if your tabbing something out by ear because you can slow the song down with little quality loss and it can display 'note predictions' on a keyboard layout at any point in the song when paused.


Hey B0ss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'll try out transcribe! And


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I'll try out transcribe! And tabledit later today, when i have a bit more time on my hands.

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Re: I was trying to create a tab..


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