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Guitar Lesson - E Major in All Positions


Joined: Jan 11 2008

Hello everyone. Being that this is my first post, I would like to tell all of you a little about myself, but only a little. I've been playing guitar for around 8 years or so and never thought about theory or the technical aspect of guitar until recently. That being said, I figured I'd step back to the basics for anyone in my position of where we can play whatever we put our mind to, but we may not know exactly what we're playing.

All of that being said, This lesson is just the E Major Scale in all positions of the guitar. You can apply this to any position on the guitar. Do this and familiarize yourself with this. Make it feel natural.

I kept the Powertab file unorganized just so it looks neat. I actually had to organize the GuitarPro format into 3/4 and such.

Files types included: GuitarPro, PowerTab, .TAB, and PDF file.

That being said, have fun!


FILE: 284-E