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Jazz - Blues - Classical old guy


Joined: Mar 22 2008

I could be very old for members here, I am 34 years old and I love all the old days including music from the past.
My favorite singer is Louis armstrong and nat king cool with ray charles.
Any of you listen to jazz or blues?

Re: Jazz - Blues - Classical old guy


Joined: Mar 24 2007

mannnnnnn, i'm all about miles davis. and if i could ever go back in time and meet T-Bone walker, i'd die happy.

Re: Jazz - Blues - Classical old guy


bass guy

Location: Niagara, Ontario

Joined: Mar 17 2008

Not so much blues, but i likes me some jazz. Any particular style/era you prefer? I find most 'em all to be likeable in their own little ways myself. Louis was the man, that's for sure. Ray Charles, not sure - i haven't even seen that biopic of him, but that "Mess Around" song is a definite keep FWIW. Nah King Cole, i just can't seem to get into vocal jazz at all..not sure why.


He's a birdman, baby, and he won't be pigeonholed