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How to adjust the preamp?



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Okay, I finally got my guitar pickups installed. It's a K&K Trinity Classic system and comes with the preamp. I'm on campus and got no amplifiers around (not that I know of)and there are basically no guitar shops nearby (going to the luthier that instaled my pick ups is a nightmare because of shitty bus system)

So i just wanna plug it into my pc. Guitar < Preamp < PC line in. It works but I have no idea how to adjust the preamp to get decent quality.

I started everything from 0 (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume) and worked my way up for each the mic and the pickups. Found a nice sound but its only for when I play few strings at a time. When I play a whole 6-string chord i.e. F major it sounds boomy/muddy. Pourquoi?

Loweing gain and bass doesn'tseem to do it.

What if you turn everything


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What if you turn everything to halfway?



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