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Secret of Evermore - Ivor Tower - The Town


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This is my first submission, but i think i got the idea. I've zipped everything, which includes a .tab file, a .gp5 file, a midi file, and a .pdf file. I think the PDF looks way sweeter (and includes standard notation alongside tab), but you might want the TAB file for quickness' sake. Here's the relevant info:

Title: Ivor Tower - The Town
COmposer: Jeremy Soule
Game: Secret of Evermore
System: SNES
Year: 1995
Instrument: 5 string bass

That oughta do it - let me know if you need anything else!

FILE: 258-Secret of Evermore - Ivor Tower-The

Re: Secret of Evermore - Ivor Tower - The Town


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Beautiful, very nice job ... -town-bass