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Toejam and Earl Slow: Toejam Slowjam


Bomb jumping, it gets you everywhere.

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Hey guys! I was learning this for myself to play, but then realized I should probably tab it out so I can remember it for later. Then, while I'm at it, why not make it so everyone else can enjoy it if they want. Anyways, last time I posted a TJ&E tab I missed a just a few mistakes. I like to make corrections here if I can, instead of after I get it posted. So if anyone has a spare minute or two and wouldn't mind giving my tabs a look over I'd appreciate it. The muted notes aren't in the synth-bass and I know that, but I felt that it kept the feel of the song better to have them in there.

Thanks guys!

Toejam and Earl - Toejam Slowjam TAB

Tab has already been submitted and posted