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Let's discuss official vgm guitar books


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I have three (the only 3 I know of)

Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest

Chrono Cross: Hmmm....half the book is for two guitars. It's hard enough to find someone good enough to play let alone someone good enough to play with that is interested in videogame music. It felt like it was all done by a folksie guy calls for capos and all that stuff. Further while some stuff was harder than it needed to be some pieces were simplified too much. Overall I was not impressed. All the pieces in the book are on this site, better arranged and free.

Final Fantasy: Again another let down. Most of the pieces are too short and just really simple you feel like things were never fully realized. A few gems (most notably for me the FFIII town theme) are appreciated but pieces that should've been huge and epic (Vamo a Flamenco should've been amazing) were just meh. Sorta seemed like "My first VGM Guitar book"

Dragon Quest: Having arranged a bunch of Sugiyama stuff I know how hard it can be to properly pull it off. When I saw this was done by the same guy who did the Final Fantasy Guitar Collection I was admittedly worried. But it seems he held little back in his transcriptions. Although you can tell things have been simplified a little bit (compare my Tantagel Castle to his) you don't feel like you're playing a kid's book. It'd be nice to have to the english names with it. And really while some pieces are notably missing it does a surprisingly good job of representing the DQ canon of work. I'd recommend this one highly.

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Sadly I think these are the only 3 video game guitar books in existence. That needs to change :evil:

I have the Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy books and I pretty agree with your points on both of them. Over simplified to the point where it doesn't express the song well enough. Some were nice though. Like Farmboy from the FF book, I really like that one.

Some sheet music publishing company needs to commission Kabukibear to make a good FF/CC/CT guitar book. That would be a treat.



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I only have the final fantasy book. It's fun to play through every once in a while, but I haven't bothered too much with it (although I did post a video go Melodies of Life, which I thought was quite nice). However, for someone who likes to over complicate things, this book was pretty refreshing for me.

It would awesome to come out with further volumes, maybe do a book for each game like they've done with the piano collections, or maybe an easy, medium, and hard volume, or hire various skilled guitarists to make some gnarly arrangements (probably more expensive, but t'would be very cool).

I also had the idea that it would be great to make some sort of fake book for video game tunes, like just have the melody with the chord changes. A lot of video game tunes are nice and short and would work well in that format, and would encourage some really cool jazz arrangements, or just serve as a reference for anybody arranging a certain tune, regardless of instrument or style.


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Just play from piano sheet music. That's what I do.

And I hate the term "fake book."

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Playing Piano Sheets is no alternative. Even the most simple pieces in those mentioned books sound better than what you can play from a Piano Sheet.

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"TrangOul" posted:

Playing Piano Sheets is no alternative. Even the most simple pieces in those mentioned books sound better than what you can play from a Piano Sheet.

That's definitely true. It's not the same as a true guitar arrangement.



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