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Phoenix Wright Tab Pack :P


Joined: Oct 23 2007

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
- Opening
- Cross Examination

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
- Congratulations Everybody
- Detention Centre Theme
- Distant Traces
- DL6 Reminiscence
- Eccentric
- Logic and Trick
- Objection!
- Reminiscence- True Evening of Grief
- Success- Won The Lawsuit!
- Trial Opening

Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
- Furio Tigre Theme
- Godot- Fragrance of Dark Cofee
- Miles Edgeworth Great Revival

Zipped. I think all of themes are familiar for players (or I should say fans) of this game.

FILE: 197-tab.rar

Re: Phoenix Wright Tab Pack :P


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Were all these tabs created by you? They look like they're imported MIDIs, in which case I don't want them :|