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Mikan Enikki - Ending


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Hello, I`m trying to made arrangement of Mikan Enikki Ending Theme which you can listen here:

Japanesse version:
Polish version:

I took vocal notes from Polish version and bass notes from Japanesse. Who remember that anime? ^^

Ok, here is link to mid, pdf and gp5 version of my arrangement:

I can`t export it to ASCII because my GP is crashing when I`m trying :/ If someone could do it for me I will be greatfull.

I`m just looking for your opinions, how can I improve it? I don`t like bars 10-13 where last bass notes are added by me, because I wanted to fill those bars with more notes/sound. Without them they sound a bit empty for me. I dont have idea which notes should I put there so I choose bass note, but I think it is not a good idea. Same problem with bars 18-19 etc. Any help with this, pls?

I think you should make the


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I think you should make the whole song 3/4 time. Get rid of the 2/4 and 4/4 measures. That's why the bass notes don't sound right becuase the rhythm is falling on the wrong beat. Here are the first 21 measures. Just follow this idea for the rest of the song.

  H    Q    Q  Q  Q    Q  Q  Q    Q  Q  Q

  Q  Q  E E   Q  Q  Q    Q  Q  E E

  Q  E E Q    Q  Q  E E   Q  Q  E E

  Q  Q  E E   Q  Q  E E   Q  Q  Q    Q  Q Q

  Q  Q  Q    E E H      H    E E   H    E E   H    E E   E Q.   E E   H  E E

Never heard of the show, it looks adorable


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Thank you very much for your


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Thank you very much for your time! Your idea was brilliant, I made all your changes + some updates and know I`m happy with that tab. I will share it soon, here on gametabs. Greetings.