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Question about a Tab submission


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I found a tab after quite a while of searching for Persona 4: The Animation OP2 Key Plus Words. I dont know the author since I found it as a .tg file (TuxGuitar) and was wondering how I would go about posting it here. I claim no credit for the creation of this tab but I wouldn't want others to have to scour the internet for hours like I have to find it. I found it on a japanese youtube video but I have no idea if the owner speaks english etc. I've sent a message asking for permission but have gotten nothing so far.

tl;dr found a tab that is really hard to find, not mine, cant communicate with owner, what to do?

Hmm... I don't think we


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Hmm... I don't think we should post it without permission.

What did you ask? Maybe we could help you write it in Japanese.



All I can think of is all of


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All I can think of is all of those tabs on ultimate guitar that were stolen from here without even giving proper credit. Your heart may be in the right place but if somebody put time/energy into arranging or tabbing a song I feel like they should be properly credited. (or in this case consulted)

I have a ton of tabs from



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I have a ton of tabs from youtube videos, but if it's not your own work it shouldn't be submitted as a tab here imo.

Was thinking of starting a thread about youtubers that make great tabs but have no popularity, but I'm so lazy :C...

u want to now what s


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u want to now what s happening with a tab like that ?

For example, let's try with this one

When DQClassicalGuitar89 posted it, he just forgot to mention this tab is NOT HIS OWN ARRANGMENT..

It's from lonlonjp arrangment :

(if u open the gp5 file u can display info panel and read "ATTENTION:::::::LONLONJP VERSION:::::::")

this arrangment is totally awesome (DQ arrangment from lonlonjp are all great coz the guy loves this games /Koichi Sugiyama music)


Finally this tab gonna be delete as soon as a moderator find my msg , this is how rules the gametabs website according what I know..

That's rude but life is rude..