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A Resurfacing


You don’t need to see my identification…

Joined: Oct 03 2011

I have returned. Greetings to you all, my fellow nostalgianauts.
I've been almost nonexistent on the site for a few months here. Except for poppin' in every now and then to look at the lates tabs and recordings. I guess I hit a wall. Wasn't satisfied with my recording conditions and couldn't really fing any VGM songs to tab. I still play alot of my favorite VGM but I shifted more towards original experimental type stuff and just listening to alot of music during my "dry spell". Last month I finally started my first playthrough of Seiken Densetsu 3 on a solid version that saves well and eureka! completely rejuvenated my urdge to find new VGM to play. I've got a couple of SD3 songs I'm working on as well as some from other games. Basically, I'm glad to be back and looking forward to future endeavors here at

Hello! :-)SD3 is a pretty


Joined: Sep 06 2008

Hello! :-)

SD3 is a pretty great game, particularly if you have friends to play with! I love the music in that game, too. I mean, Hightension Wire? Yes, please!

I had the No Save Blues once on an emu on my Powerbook some years back. Turns out, Snes9X on OSX was set up not to write your save RAM to disk by default, so all those times I saved my game in Chrono Trigger, it looked like it saved fine, but when I finally closed the program a couple weeks later and opened it again, BAM it was gone T_T; Since that betrayal, I've been on team ZSNES all the way.



Salutations auri I'm a huge


You don’t need to see my identification…

Joined: Oct 03 2011

Salutations auri
I'm a huge fan of Secret of Mana and I've been wanting to play SD3 for so long. I haven't gotten to this part yet but Black Soup is such a bad-ass boss song. I tried back like 7 or 8 years ago to play SD3 on an emulator that a friend told me about and I couldn't get the saving to work properly plus the gameplay was kind of janky. In which case I gave up playing in hopes of a better emulator or an actual U.S. release of it like as a digital buy somewhere or on a handheld console. My PC isn't the best so I am playing it on which you can play the game directly from your browser and it's working smoothly. It's the N Corlett translation and as far as I know the dialogue in the game doesn't seem to be lost in translation. I like the site because you just create a name on the site and you can save state every game they have for you to play. I even made a "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" save state when I got the golden armor haha don't judge me that game is hella hard haha but they have alot of games including a ton of Japanese games with or without translations. I wish I had an SNES USB controller to play on my computer with because the keyboard is kind of harsh haha

Welcome back!


Joined: Nov 07 2011

I too have been MIA. I've been busy with College...I honestly have not been playing for a while. I lost my calluses...T.T it's pain to get them back, no pun intended. But seriously, great to have you back.

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