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Banjo Kazooie - Spiral Mountain


Joined: Oct 20 2007

Hee. :D

Long time ago since I posted the last tab.
Well in the beging of this week I made the begining of this tab.
I finished it this evening , and it sound realy good.
Its in Drop D tuning so press the 3rd fret on the string 1, remember that sound.
Tune your guitar down and here on fret 5 of the 1st string if its sounds the same.
If so, your guitar is Drop D tuned.

Well enough :D , download the spiral mountain tabs and try them :D
I hope you like the tabs.

Ooh yea..
I wanted to make a video of this song and post it in my youtube acount :P

But I could do that because I realy Hurt my left hand and can press hard with my Pink. :cry:

FILE: 155-Banjo-_Gruntilda's_Lair-_Banjos_Garden.mid

FILE: 156-Spiral Mountain.txt

Re: Banjo Kazooie - Spiral Mountain



Joined: Aug 12 2007

This looks like a very classical version of the tab I made (not yet on the site)

I played it, it sounded good, and was fun.


I am working on Spiral Mountain Blues for Banjo Tooie.

Re: Banjo Kazooie - Spiral Mountain


Joined: Jan 11 2007

Thanks Luke, nice job.

BTW, you should probably start using guitar pro or power tab for your tabs. It would be easier for you to make the tabs and it would be easier for us to read.