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Why do some people here replace "arrangement" with "arrange"?


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For example:

"Who likes Touhou arranges?"
"Kabukibear did an awesome arrange of that one song."

"Arrange" isn't a noun. I checked and double checked. I've only seen it happen here, and only from the people who I'd guess watch quite a bit of anime. Does it happen in English translations of Japanese anime?

Alternately, I wonder if it just started cause people thought it sounded cool to cut "ment" off the end of the word.

Fun application of the principle:

Obi-wan to Han: "Let's just say we'd like to avoid any Imperial entangles."

It's a non-standard loan from


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It's a non-standard loan from Japanese, which in turn borrowed "arrange" from English with the meaning "arrangement". That's why you only really see it in communities of anime fans and such...





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Puh-leaze, us frenchies say


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Puh-leaze, us frenchies say arrange because in french it's rare to see "est un arrangement par" as we keep seeing "arrangé par". "J'arrange" exists in that lang, and as France hates foreign languages they will use 'arrange' when they speak/type in English without realizing it.
At least that's partially the reason why I use arrange, didn't know the word doesn't exist in English QQ.

Auri's reason is correct for others although it's not anime-only related but for Japanese medias in general.

The word exists in English,


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The word exists in English, but it is only a verb: to arrange something.


And then I realized that the chord progression from Chrono Cross's Another World is the same progression as the chorus from Peace of Mind by Boston, and life was never quite the same.

I always shrugged it off as a



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I always shrugged it off as a simple mistake while bathing in the light of the flawless-grammar-gods.

totally didnt notice . .well


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totally didnt notice . .well no suprise here~



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Thanks for sharing this info.



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The word arrangement is a noun that refers to the act of putting things in a certain order or the state of being arranged. The word arrange is a verb that means to put things in a certain order. If you are wondering about how to write a tech CV try more searching about it. While the words are related they have different functions in English grammar. Some people replace arrangement with arrange because they mistakenly believe it is the correct word to use in all situations. However this is not the case.