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The pope is coming to my school


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I just found out the pope is visiting my school to give a speech on April 17 this Spring. Even if you're not religious it's still a big deal when the pope comes. I'm pretty excited for it :)

Re: The pope is coming to my school

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man stop lieing

Re: The pope is coming to my school


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No lie son



Re: The pope is coming to my school


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man stop lieing

"Don'chu be talkin' 'bout my momma!!"

Yeah, I'm not Catholic, but it would still be cool to see him.


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Re: The pope is coming to my school

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Personally i would find it he is...the religous leader of one of the major religons in the entire freakin WORLD, and he is in my school, standing right in front of me....

meanwhile the little voice in your head is saying: Go on...pick up the egg...throw it at his stupid hat!
"KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
and then you get stoned by a bunch of catholics....not the way I would choose to end my life, but...


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Re: The pope is coming to my school


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