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piano ?

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hi im new and i got here from a you tube video, well i searched for zelda tabs but it was only on guitar or bas, and id like if some of you could add piano tabs too if that is possible


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What exactly is a piano tab?



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well i mean chords or notes sorry

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This is pretty much a guitar site only. You're not gonna find any piano arrangements on here. I would suggest ichigo's or gamingforce for piano sheets. You'll find hundreds in either place.

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ok thx

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there's a thing you can do, convert guitar tabs to piano tabs.
Search tabnabber in google.

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Shouldn't be "that" hard to play the melodies with a piano from guitar tabs anyways, so I don't think you even need a program for that. I don't play the piano and even I was able to figure out how to play some melodies on the piano from guitar tabs. => Just took some time, as you have to do a little math to figure out the right keys, but your ear pretty much tells the rest. And, of course, if there's a MIDI file of the song, you can use a program to open it up as sheet music. PowerTab is a good one IMHO (and it's free yay). Even though it's mainly for guitar / bass tabbing, you can import MIDIs into it and open them up as sheet music, along with the the guitar / bass tabs.

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Yeah. Something I find pretty fun is to attempt to translate songs for guitar to piano notes completely from memory. The only things I know about playing piano are the notes and a few of the major chords.

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I actually got pretty far with Wind Scene in a Target with a keyboard. Just had to find D and started there, then went by ear. Including the bassline was kinda tough.

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