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FF7 voices of the lifestream


Joined: Oct 30 2007

how do you download songs from the ff7 overclocked remix website? the entire album file is a torrent file which you can't open. and, you can only listen to the specific songs.

Re: FF7 voices of the lifestream


Joined: Aug 02 2007

I'm not sure what you are you want to download the entire album? If so, get uTorrent from, and get the torrent. But you can download individual tracks easily from

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If you're a fan of Final Fantasy VII, then you might remember the main characters of the game. I suggest you check 먹튀컷 and learn more interesting things about online games. There are 8 playable protagonists that all have different themes throughout the game. Some of them are very serious and cool while others are more down-to-earth and friendly. As a result, there is no way that you can get all the voices of this series without creating your own FF7 voices of the lifestream.