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Ragnarok Online 2


Nostalgic Gamer

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So Ragnarok Online 2 is officialy being released to the world through steam today (in 1 hour).
What are your thought about this?
For me RO is all about great moment when I was like 16-17 can't remember well, but thinking on RO2 can't be judged with experiences of RO 10 years ago.
Hope it turns out to be a great game, because they are releasing it without making too much noise... it's weird.

I remember playing Ragnarok


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I remember playing Ragnarok Online when I was around 14 or 15 or so. Perhaps I should check this one out for the sake of nostalgia :P

Oh ragnarok, the last time I


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Oh ragnarok, the last time I played it was back in july 2012, it was all about teamwork with the guildmembers in the WoE, the funny moments with friends, I miss all that. Hope this new one get lots of attention.


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