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Nes & Snes multiplayer online


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Hey guys, I found out about this website where you can play NES or SNES roms without downloading any plug-ins, and it is free. But the important part is, you can play multiplayer games with friends or other people!
I dont know if you guys knew about this page, but here it is:



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ill check this out later



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Good, but not all gold is that is old. And I really wish you were just a little bit more active in this forum and shared good bike simulators with us. Peace, xo



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Hey man, why did you stick to the idea that this guy was only one who could help you? I know he has a good reputation in this forum, but I am no worse! So why don't you ask me then? Hope there is nothing personal here. And you can always play games if you do the right thing. I have discovered Jumphobia, and I should tell you this is just so exciting! Give it a try!