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Suggested compositions for live performance


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Hello all,

I occasionally perform in front of friends (solo guitar), and I have a few gametabs arrangements in my repertoire, which is great. However, most of my audience aren't familiar with the sources of the compositions. I was wondering about your experiences - which compositions resonate most with an "unprepared" audience? (Feel free to promote your own work!)


Haven't had many public



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Haven't had many public appearances myself honestly...

I suggest you try to work on more pop music, like "Someone Like You" (Adele) or "Your Song" (Elton John). I have my own little arrangement for Adele's song but never made a tab. Gotta work on "Your Song" soon...

Movie OSTs? Try the Up theme song "Married Life"....I pray to Yevon they're familiar with Studio Ghibli films and their OSTs

But yeah, pop music and movie soundtracks will probably resonate more, and try doing songs/tracks from different decades for the "unprepared."

also, i think it will help if you tell us your demographic region

Re: Haven't had many public


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Thanks for the input! I should say that these performances are more private recitals than public shows, so I can indulge in playing what I like :-) but there's just so much music here, that it's hard to learn and test it all on unsuspecting victims. (First world problems, I know...)

What is the average age of



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What is the average age of your audience?

Anything that sounds good.


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Anything that sounds good. People like to hear good melody. Forget the flash and so off stuff, in a live setting like your speaking of most people get bored with that kind of thing unless they are at a concert and shit.
When ti comes to video game music people do enjoy FF pieces,chrono cross and other stuff like that.

If it's a recital kind of thing try to play something like that i guess. People are so used to hearing someone play a classic mozart song that it gets tiresome at times. Walk in playing something different that still sounds good. Example? While the Zelda theme is popular , Song of Healing would have a better reaction because it doesn't sound too generic video game "epic". Your looking for beauty in the music.


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Performing aspects are more


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Performing aspects are more about trying to grab and carry attention. Tappy percussion stuff works great.

I think it depends person to


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I think it depends person to person. Some people are more open to new things while others will want to try and figure out what the song you are playing is. Maybe sneak in a song your friends are likely to know between the stuff they probably don't. A crowd-pleaser if you will.

Re: Performing aspects are more


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surreal said

Performing aspects are more about trying to grab and carry attention. Tappy percussion stuff works great.

Add it with flamenco and they will shift their attention towards you with mouth open wide.

Rex, Around 25 years


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Around 25 years old.


So you wouldn't suggest Final Bowser Theme :-) ? Admittedly I'm not a fan of Zelda music. Per your suggestion I revisited FF music, there were actually a few arrangements I've begun learning a while back. I really like To Zanarkand, somehow didn't notice it before.


Amusing how it's the opposite of what Gio said ;-) kabukibear has a few percussive stuff, I even tried learning The Day The World Revived once (and failed). He also had a transcription of Rogue Message, which isn't there anymore... And Emotions is nice. Anything you can suggest? (You arrangement of Aquatic Ambience, perhaps? You're a beast!)


My friends are split into two categories: those who know I'm playing weird stuff and those who are about to find out ;-) I'm just trying to pick the weird stuff to sound as good as possible.


Why, I do have some flamenco in my repertoire :-) But most flamenco is actually difficult for a typical western audience, since it's musically "strange" to western ears. So again you have to choose carefully what compositions to play.

I've performed To Zanarkand


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I've performed To Zanarkand live, to a group of unknowing people. It went over pretty well, though without a repeat it's pretty short.

I'll still believe that arrangement of aquatic ambience when I see it.

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If you want something that an


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If you want something that an audience of nubs will recognise and enjoy:

I've played it numerous times for nubs, laughs + technically impressive.

Then follow it up with a sweet touhou tune complete with slideshow to show them how cool you are.