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'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator


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Although computers can perform certain tasks extremely quickly, they lack the flexibility and adaptability of the human brain and perform particularly poorly at pattern recognition tasks.

"If we extract the rules of how these neural networks are doing computations like pattern recognition we can apply that to create novel computing systems," said DeMarse.

"There's a lot of data out there that will tell you that the computation that's going on here isn't based on just one neuron. The computational property is actually an emergent property of hundreds of thousands of neurons cooperating to produce the amazing processing power of the brain."

Kabukibear posted this in the shoutbox but I thought it was worthy of posting a thread about. Stuff like this is so crazy to me. Imagine how insane the future is gonna be when scientists figure out the human brain and how to apply that power to everyday things. Could we be flying in pilot-less airplanes one day? I sure as hell wouldn't want to...

Re: 'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator


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First of all, I'd like to point out that the topic name made me laugh... a lot (it made me think of some commercial jingle er something. "Brain-in-a-dish it's Brain-in-a-dish the most fun you'll have is with Brain-in-a-dish!" "Brain-in-a-dish" is fun for kids 7-11.... whatever).

Yeah, I've heard about stuff like this before. Like a brain-controlled go-cart, or even brains hooked up to computers... but, yeah, "brain-flown" air-liners sounds like a law-suit waiting to happen.


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Re: 'Brain' in a dish flies flight simulator

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Now it's just a matter of time before computers with artificial brains connected through the interbutts plot their revenge against our (unable to come up with a reason for machines to dislike us), or eventually decide to fix the global warming.