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Xbox / Wii online gaming


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Post your xbox live gamertag / Wii friend code so we can play games together!

Most likely GH3 that comes out in one week.

I'll start by posting my Xbox live gamer tag:
Suicide Boy
and my 2nd one is Ohemgee ps3

Re: Xbox / Wii online gaming


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My Wii friend code is: 3296 2665 1660 6954

My/my little brother's (we share the 360) x-box live gamertag is: Chainsaw C


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Re: Xbox / Wii online gaming


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my gamertag is Kabukibear

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Joined: Jan 11 2007

My gamertag is archard.

I don't even know my Wii code... I hate that whole code system. Maybe I'll find out once SSBB comes out.



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ill try to post my GH3, and wii code up here tomorrow


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Re: Xbox / Wii online gaming

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My gamertag on 360 is - CRAZYGONUTZ559
and im to lazy to look up my wii code lol.

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hey guys my X-box gamer tag is
i really only play fps (so if you want to play with me b sure to bring your "A" game lol...but seriusly :twisted:)


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Re: Xbox / Wii online gaming

Jammy XIII

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My gamertag just so happens to be Jammy XIII.......
imagine that.....


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