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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


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Anyone play this game yet? It was developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghilbi. That's a two top notch teams in their respective industries. Just got released on the PS3 like 3 weeks ago and I gotta say it's pretty amazing. The OST was created by Joe Hisaishi, Ghibli's go to guy for music. It's definitely the best RPG I played in awhile and probably the best I played on a new gen system. I know that there was a version on the DS a year or two ago, but I'm not sure if it was just ported or is an extension to the story.

You can capture almost any monster you come across, kind of like pokemon, except you as a user has abilities as well.

There's a bunch of side quests and the game is actually not linear. It actually has a world map unlike FF13 and instead of airships you eventually fly on a mother fucking dragon. Just listen to the track when you take the skies. Just too epic.

While I'm just fanboying the shit out of this, might as well throw in a tab request for the theme when you walk in the overworld. I can't ever get tired of the melody that drops in at 12 seconds.

I played the demo like a week


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I played the demo like a week before it was out. I liked it a lot, but haven't had the chance to buy the full game. The music was very pretty from what I recall.



Im planning to play it


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Im planning to play it whenever i get time, its going to be a classic for sure.


"It was developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghilbi"

Ghilbi was only responsible for the animated cartoon cut scenes
and the art style that the game took after. Nothing more.

LEVEL-5 made the story,game and rendered all the in game
models and art using Ghilbi as a reference. Ghilbi didn't
make anything more then the cutscenes.

It's an annoying statement that everyone assumes its all Ghilbi
just because the art looks like them. Level 5 is a great studio and i think they should
get a little more attention after the fact they rendered that whole game and came up with the story.


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As I said, they are 2 top


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As I said, they are 2 top notch teams in their respective industry. I don't think anyone is assuming less of Level 5 as they are obviously the experts in the gaming industry. And you can't say it doesn't help that Ghibli's reputation is garnering more people's attention to this game. Even if people for some reason do think it's all Ghibli, Level-5 probably wouldn't care that much since they are still seeing sales.

Well either way, I just beat the game, and it was a magnificent ride. There's a post game after you beat it for good replay value. The story is probably one of the most overused cliche stories(super evil power, one guy's quest becomes the world's only hope kind of deal), but some of the stuff at the end had some cool twists that made the story really good.

Verdict: Buy the game if you got a PS3.